How To: Repair Open Seams Using A Slipstitch

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How To: Repair Open Seams Using a Slipstitch

If you happen to come across your favorite garment where the stitches have come undone but you do not have a sewing machine at hand this is the quickest and most efficient way to repair.

The materials you would need would be needle, thread, snips and beeswax (optional to strengthen your thread).

slipstitch repair fabric sewing seamstress

Let's get started!

Step One.

Start by threading your needle and making a knot in your thread.

Needle Thread knot stitching handsewn seamstress

Step Two.

Insert your needle from the wrong to right side and pull through.
You then want to weave between each of the folds pricking your needle through each.

Make short even stitches, pulling gently to make it tight.

Once you get to the end, knot off your thread and you are done.  When you lay your fabric flat, you will not be able to see your threads. 

This works on a variety of seams, including side seams, shoulder seams, outside seams and more. It can also be used to stitch up holes in sweaters/knit fabric. 

Jasmine Desirée holds a MS in Fashion Design from Drexel University. She has been sewing since 2007.

She currently is a  fashion design professor, fashion designer and sewing blogger.

She lives  in the DC Metro area, and you can find her on Instagram @sewmuchjazz

Article credit : Jasmine Desirée @sewmuchjazz

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