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HOW TO: Unshrink Sweaters and Repair Felted Wool Holes

by Shopify API


HOW TO: Stretch Shrunken Sweaters & Repair Felted Wool

Today, let's tackle a couple different issues, all wrapped up into one pretty little vintage Anthropologie Sweater. 

Anthropologie Sweater Reseller advice repair Nineve Jomar Wholesale

This little vintage Anthropologie sweater jacket had seen better days. When an item is this trashed, where do you even start?

Divide it into steps, decide the order you will work in, take a deep breath, then begin. Looking at this piece, I see:

  • tons of shaving to be done
  • the need to reattach the button fasteners
  • fine tuning of embroidery
  • the repair of a dozen holes
  • and the need to unshrink her

Here is before un-shrinking her...

ARRRR She be shrunken tharrrr

And after...

To work on the shrinkage, we will use our fabric steamer. This will take a few rounds -- steam, stretch, be patience, do it again.

Steamer, patience, a few more applications of steam, and the result is 4.5” additional inches of length in back and 2” more in front.


I did some shaving- mainly at the locations where I plan to patch the holes. (No point shaving the entire item until I know my hole repairs were successful) I can go back and touch up any additional shaving later. 

Jomar Wholesale Sweater Shaving repair felted wool Anthropologie


Fix those dozen holes. Side note, I highly recommend holding sweaters or knit items up to the light in a thrift store to avoid sourcing items with this many holes. 😂 

Fortunately this sweater is a felted wool, and that is one of the most forgiving fabrications. As we’ve covered in previous posts (with sound effects, mind you), this is just a matter of taking your felting wool and going all serial killer stabby on it.


This is a very easy fix for holes on this type of fabric. 

After this step, we'll work on repairing the embroidery, finish any remaining shaving we need to do, and double check for other issues. 

Here's the steps we completed for embroidery, as well as reinforcing stitching on the button fasteners. This will be covered in more depth in further posts.

loose button fasteners, but easily stitched back up.

Use a small hook to neaten up the embroidery...

And your busted sweater has an entirely new life!

So many items can be given new life with just a bit of work. 

To my surprise this entire endeavor took under forty minutes and the results are very good.

Whether you use these tips to repair your own items, or to refresh something to sell for profit, you can add life and style to worn out items and help save textiles from the landfill! Follow along for more tips and tricks. 



Nineveposh Reseller Poshmark Repair Secondhand Clothing

Nineve Donovan Brown is an Anthro fanatic who believes in giving new life to second hand items. She loves wine and fixing impossible damages --usually not a good mix, but she makes it work. 
You can find her on Instagram @nineveposh, where she shares a wealth of information. 

Article credit : Nineve Donovan Brown 

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