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So you were scrolling through Instagram one day and stumbled upon a Poshmark Reseller. You become increasingly curious as to what that all means but the more you delve into it, the bigger your headache grows because HOW ON EARTH are people making so much money from just selling used clothes online. Well, you’ve landed in the right place because I’m here to introduce you to the wonderful world of reselling!

Before we really get into the nitty gritty stuff, I want you to know that reselling can be done by everyone and anyone! So if you’re scared of investing in this, don’t be! I know teenagers that are into reselling and creating profitable small businesses, all while still in high school. Reselling, even if you’re considering it as a part-time gig, is a great way to make a little extra cash...or even completely fund your life!

Let me introduce name is Saddy and I, just like you, stumbled upon some resellers on Instagram/YouTube and immediately fell in love with the concept of reselling. Growing up in a Dominican household, there’s certain expectations you have to live up to - mostly revolving around how you look or how you present yourself. I was always taught that shopping secondhand was a thing poor people did and god forbid we were categorized as “poor”.

 In high school, I was a bit rebellious in wanting to do the opposite of what my parents told me (I’m grown now so I can say all of this without getting in trouble lol). I remember the FIRST DAY I stepped into a Goodwill when I was entire life changed! An act of rebellion turned into a spiritual awakening. The hunt of finding something that, #1 was trendy and #2 actually fit me (kudos to all my thick girls) was exhilarating - especially the thought of my mom finding out these items were from a thrift store!

 I’ve always dabbled in reselling; mostly items from my own closet. I started years ago on Vinted and made a few bucks off of that but never took it seriously UNTIL 2020. I found myself unable to work due to the pandemic and collecting unemployment. So I started cleaning out my closet and between myself and my wife, I had a mountain of clothes that I needed to get rid of. Thrift stores were closed due to Covid-19, so donating wasn’t an option. Thus my journey of part-time reselling began...

I’m sure by now you’re thinking, “Am I reading an autobiography?” so enough about me!
Let’s get to the good stuff!

The simplest way to define “reselling” is buying an item for a low price and flipping it for a profit.

Like I mentioned, anyone can start reselling but before you get into it full force I believe there are a few key things to understand:

1. Reselling requires commitment, time and patience. Think of it as your baby!
2. You will need physical space to save all the wonderful inventory you’ll eventually invest in and digital space for all the pics you’ll be taking of said inventory.
3. Expect to constantly research brands and prices (we’ll get into this another day).
4. There are MANY resellers online sharing their success stories, but pleeeeease keep in mind that this is YOUR journey and YOUR small business. What works for someone else may not work for you and THAT. IS. OKAY.
5. You will be promoted to the Head of All Departments! Unless this is something you’re starting with someone else - it’s a one-person show! Marketing, production, shipping, sourcing, and everything in between falls on you. Be prepared to put in the work!
6. Have fun! I’m assuming you’re interested either because you have a passion for fashion, a passion for sustainability, a passion for making money or simply all of the above.
7. There are resources available to you to help you succeed that are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Now that you know what I believe is where your mindset should be, are you ready to start your reselling journey?

Reselling is one of those small businesses that doesn’t take too much to get you started. The fastest way to source inventory? Clean out your closet. The fastest way to get packaging? Save those Amazon boxes and reuse them! Need a reselling platform? Check out Poshmark, Mercari, Vinted, eBay, etc! Reselling has become a staple in the sustainability movement. So not only are you able to make a quick buck BUT you’re literally changing the world for the better - cool stuff right?

I know starting something new can be scary - especially starting a whole new business venture. Take it from someone who overthinks literally every minor decision and experiences anxiety when things don’t go right, it gets better the more you get into it. Any plant parents around here? Well, think of it as taking care of a plant. You have to water it, buy fertilizer for it, even say sweet nothings to it to help it grow big and strong. Same concept here! The more effort you put into your business, the more fruitful it will be.

That’s all from me for now folx! If you have any further questions or would love to talk more on this subject, hit me up! My email is Peace & Love!

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