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RESIDENT BLOGGER: Nineve Donovan Brown


Amodex stain treatment tips Jomar Wholesale

Amodex Ink & Stain Removal  is one of my favorite methods for removing a variety of stains.  
I’ve tried, and continue to try, many many stain removal products. I actually enjoy testing new ideas in my quest for the best.

But it’s been 7 years, and Amodex is still my Go-To-Boo. It’s the favorite tool in my entire arsenal. (And this from the woman that would go BORG and medically graft a crochet hook to my body if I could)

Today, I am sharing how I best utilize Amodex Ink & Stain Removal and produce awe inspiring results.

Get ready to be amazed.

Amodex stain treatment tips Jomar Wholesale inkm removal

While Amodex is most famous for ink removal- think marker, pen, ink... it’s also shockingly effective on your average “I can’t even recall the origin- is that wine? Pasta? Toddler drool?” type stain.

Yes. That is its own category of stain. 
Fight me.

Anyway. The key to effective stain removal after an Amodex application is 1) blotting and 2) potential multiple applications/soaking. It may take a few rounds, but it's oh so worth it. 

Amodex stain treatment tips Jomar Wholesale advice reseller poshmark

apply small amount of Amodex and use a plain paper towel to blot away

Blotting. Once you apply your Amodex Solvent to the ink/stain, it doesn’t simply disintegrate. It’s loosened and now needs to be removed/relocated. Blotting with a paper towel absorbs that dislodged ink and ferries it away from your garment.

You will see the removed color in your paper towel as you continue to dab away at your stain. Especially stubborn spots sometimes needs multiple applications and a longer soaking duration. 

Amodex stain treatment tips Jomar Wholesale magic marker stain removal

Not yet convinced?  Ok's more proof.

I’ve used this solution on woven cotton, knobby sweaters, leather products, synthetic whatever products... it’s always served me well. Test applications to your fabric is not a bad idea- I’ve personally only ever had an oopsie when I left it (forgot...) overnight on some colored pleather and it took off the marker and additional color. 😬

It's great a taking ink off of bag linings. 

Amodex stain treatment tips Jomar Wholesale Ink removal purseInk Removal Amodex Jomar WholesaleStain treatment tips Amodex Jomar Wholesale

It also takes magic marker off shoes.

Magic marker ink removal Amodex

It's like magic. 😮 

My other caveat would be to only use plain white paper towels or clothes as you blotting tool. When used with stain remover, Printed/patterned paper towels can bleed onto the garment you are trying to save.

Stain removal is an Art, not a Science.

So to sum up (In my experience):
apply, soak, blot. Depending on your initial results, repeat process again with a longer duration of the “soak” part of the routine.


Nineve Brown Poshmark seller Jomar Wholesale

Nineve Donovan Brown is an Anthro fanatic who believes in giving new life to second hand items. She loves wine and fixing impossible damages --usually not a good mix, but she makes it work.
You can find her on Instagram @nineveposh, where she shares a wealth of information. 


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