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Guest Blogger: Hannah  

How To: Ranking High on eBay Search

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Ranking high on eBay search -- it's the holy grail of reselling.

eBay can seem intimidating to resellers, and one of the reasons can be understanding how to stand out amongst the millions of other sellers on eBay.

Everybody wants their listing at the top of  the results! Here are some tips from long time top rated eBay seller, Hannah from @clothesdealzohio.

Quality photos

First, quality photos are crucial.

An eBay representative told me that to get your listing at the top , you should have at minimum 4 pictures and they should all be clear and well lit. Recently eBay implemented a feature that will adjust your picture and white out the background. This only works on the app and you must take a fresh picture of the item. It cannot be a saved image or else it will not work.

Clear, bright backgrounds are highly important on eBay.


If you don’t want to acquire top rated status, having free shipping ranks your listings higher. eBay looks at it as an incentive to the buyer and helps make your listings more visible in searches.

Worried about losing money   by offering free shipping? Build it into your listing price. 


Don't guess at package weights.

Buy a postal scale and weigh your items as you list/ship them. 

Fixed variation

If you have one product but different sizes, make it a variation listing!

When you have one listing that sells several items, eBay configures its as a popular item, thus pushing it further up the search results when a buyer browses! 

Another way to get your listings boosted is having top rated status. There are some requirements to get Top Rated Seller , but just having that status will boost your listings closer to the top! 


eBay gives you 80 characters for your listing title. Use all the title characters. This may sound obvious, but I see a lot of listings that don’t use all the space in the title. Fill your title up! Put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Ask yourself, “what would I search for if I were trying to find this item?” 

ebay ranking seo search title reseller advice rank


 Offering free 60 day returns on eBay is the most generous of a return a seller can offer. But , if you offer 30 day returns, that will ensure your listing populates in searches higher than ones from a seller who doesn’t offer returns. 

This also helps you achieve Top Rated Seller status.

What is most important is that you give yourself the freedom to experiment with the features eBay offers, be willing to make adjustments, and find what works best for you!

Hannah has been selling clothes online since she was 13 years old. She was inspired by her mom who opened an eBay account in 1998 selling baby clothes.

She had always wanted to be her own boss when she was young, but had no idea what kind of job she wanted to do.  Only a few years later she would run her own business by the age of 18! It is very rewarding to make her own schedule and be the boss, especially now that she has a six-month-old who needs lots of attention and care!

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