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HOW TO: Use a Felting Needle on Wool

What is Felting? Basically, it is the process of turning loose wool locks or wool roving into a piece of fabric by connecting the individual fibers. Today we are talking about how to repair holes in felted or boiled wool with a Felting Needle.

Felted Wool repair hole Felting Needle Reseller Advice


Felted wool, spun wool and a felting needle. How to repair holes in boiled wool

To start with, you’ll want to gently push together the edges of your hole as near as you can without causing your fabric to buckle. If those broken fibers come close to touching you likely can repair your hole with only a single tool.


That's all you need! A larger hole may need an extra step, such as adding in additional wool/roving. But this is also pretty simple and the same basic technique applies. I like to keep extra wool on hand to use as needed for repairs, but you can get a bit of extra wool for this by shaving your sweater and keeping the excess. 

What a lovely collection!

After aligning the ends of your hole as closely as possible without causing your fabric to pucker (again, emphasis on not forcing your ends to meet if that’s not how they wants to lay) you will use your felting needle and start pushing it through the edges of your hole. 

You want to gather a couple strands from each side and poke your needle through both simultaneously. The goal here is to catch fibers from each side and meld (“felt”) them together!

Notice the little notches on the felting needle? Those catch the tiny wool fibers as you push the needle through the fabric.

As you continue to poke at the ends of the hole (holding your needle vertically and removing it fully from the fabric with each thrust) you will start to notice your hole disappearing. You’ll want to keep jabbing away at the overlapping edges as you see those wool fibers melding together. 


At some point in the process I will flip the item over and felt the backside of the repaired hole a bit before continuing to work the front.

Continue on until you are satisfied that your hole has been patched and no trace of it remains.

Voila! Your holey sweater is magically repaired, AND you got to express some aggression. 


Use a variety of colors to repair patterned items. 

Don't despair when you get home from sourcing and realize you missed holes in that gorgeous wool sweater. You CAN fix it, and still make a beautiful profit. 

Follow along for more tips and tricks. 



Nineveposh Reseller Poshmark Repair Secondhand Clothing

Nineve Donovan Brown is an Anthro fanatic who believes in giving new life to second hand items. She loves wine and fixing impossible damages --usually not a good mix, but she makes it work. 
You can find her on Instagram @nineveposh, where she shares a wealth of information. 

Article credit : Nineve Donovan Brown 

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