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Resellers around the world have their unique “start-up” stories. The beginning of their journeys as part-time and full-time resellers. How they’ve quit their 9-5 jobs to sell used clothing online for a living! But no one talks about the actual struggles of starting your own reselling business. I’m here to provide some insight and to hopefully help some beginners that may feel stumped.

First things first...there are so many FREE resources out there that can not only help you succeed but also give you some ease as you embark on your reselling journey. Literally from any angle you look at your business, there’s a free resource out there that can help you excel! As we jump right into my research on these free resources, I’ll break it down by “department” so it’s easier to follow. So, let’s get into it…

Selling Platforms:

This may seem obvious but I believe it’s the perfect place to start. I remember how lost I found myself when I first began reselling from my own collection and I kept finding so many selling apps in the App Store. I’ll keep it simple and only mention some of my favorite apps for now (keep an eye out for a future post on comparing reselling apps).

Keep in mind that all of the apps I’m about to mention are completely free to use but there are seller fees involved, amongst other things. Also note that these are apps that I personally use and have the most experience with.

     - Poshmark - the OG, the GrandMaster, the most popular one of them all! Can’t go wrong starting here. Poshmark offers a huge clientele right from the start. It’s user friendly, in my opinion. Usually does best with just selling clothing, shoes and accessories though (if you were considering selling other items).

     - Mercari - basically same as Poshmark but now offers local pickups AND it’s more inviting to electronics, homegoods, etc.

     - Depop - If Vintage is your vibe, you might want to start here! Very geared toward current trends, that just so happens to be ‘90’s, Y2K and practically anything vintage. Definitely a younger demographic.

     - FB Marketplace - I love this one because if you don’t mind meeting up with people, it’s a super quick buck to make! You can cater it to best suit you - choosing only local pickups/deliveries or even offering shipping. Super easy to use and you get to meet local people that could potentially share the same interests as you (I’m making this sound like a dating app x))

There’s so many more but if I were to list all of them, we’d be here for a very long time! Honorable mentions: Curtsy (trendy), Tradesy (luxury), Kidizen (kids clothes), and Etsy (handmade).


This happens to be one of my favorite steps in my reselling business (aside from making $$$)! The fastest way to acquire boxes or packaging to ship out an item you’ve sold, is by simply reusing! Recently made an Amazon purchase? Save those boxes! The different size boxes Amazon offers can really come in handy depending on what you’re selling online. But if you don’t order online as much as I do, here’s other ways to get free boxes:

     - USPS - you can literally order boxes in a bunch of different sizes on the United States Postal Service website! My personal favorites are the envelopes because they’re easier to store. You can also find single shipping labels! They come in a pack of 10 and a single shipping label fits perfectly on it.

     - UPS - offers a variety of packaging options as well. Including tubes for posters or documents. You will need to create an account though.

There’s definitely more options out there but these are what I’ve taken advantage of previously.


Anyone can tell you that in order to sell a product you have to market it BUT how and where can you do such?

     - Social Media - I’m talking Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, anywhere online really! As long as you’re able to take pictures of what you’re selling then you’re golden.

     - Canva - graphics are a huge way to grab your audience's attention. Canva offers absolutely free templates where you can edit however you want, to cater your brand. Of course, if you would like access to everything Canva has to offer, you might want to upgrade to a Premium Subscription but the free option does have a lot to offer.

     - Planoly (or anything similar) - I completely understand that sometimes there’s too much going on in life to really take the time to take pics of stuff and post it onto socials and what not…this is where apps like Planoly come in handy! Plan out your content - the more you post regularly, the more traction you’ll have to your page which in turn the more money you can potentially make!

     - Word of Mouth - Hear me out! We live in a world that heavily relies on being online and socializing via the interwebs BUT the easiest way to promote your business is by simply talking about it. Tell your friends, your family, coworkers, acquaintances…anyone who will listen! Trust me when I say, this is actually efficient.

Of course there are so many more apps and programs out there that can help you market your business smoothly and with no hiccups. What I’ve listed are only a few methods I’ve used in the past that truly helped me out.


I may have a bit of an advantage here that many might not. I’m a huge advocate for DIY-ing and crafting is a pastime of mine. With that being said, I do happen to have a bunch of materials that I can easily personalize an order. Please bare with me…

     - Thank You Cards - I’ve literally received packages from other Poshmark Resellers with a note on an index card! Nothing wrong with that but just knowing that this person took the time to write a quick thank you note, reminded me that there’s someone putting in the work. I like to think of it as “humanizing material things” if that even makes sense. So use an index card, a pretty napkin, a sticky note, whatever you have available and remind others that you run this show!


After everything we've already covered, you’d think we would have gone over this subject (oops, sorry)! This is the easiest step of them all!

     - Your Own Closet - Instead of automatically resorting to donating your clothes to your local Goodwill, consider that you could be making a bit of extra cash. Think about when you go thrifting and what you end up purchasing…if your own clothing is en par to that condition then you’re good to list it online and sell!

     - Word of Mouth - yes, we are back to this! If you aren’t talking about your business how will people know about it? Ask your friends/family to let you know when they clear out their closets! There's an app I use called Next Door that connects you with people in your neighborhood and if I’m desperate for a little extra inventory, I’ll make a post explaining what I do and wondering if anyone is looking to get rid of some clothes. It’s truly that easy!

I know, this was a lot but I hope this article helps someone out there that’s wondering how to start and what resources they have available. If there’s any other resources that I may have possibly missed or just don’t know about, email us! We’re all here to help each other grow 😉

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