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Laundry Stains: When Colors Bleed in the Wash

laundry stain tips DIY Shout

Laundry stains. We hate em. 

We’ve all been there. Something pink or red gets thrown into the laundry with white items, and now you have red splotches all over something that is not supposed to be red, and that makes you see red. 

It's the worst.

If you throw it back into the wash, nothing seems to happen. You just have splotchy, pinkish clothes.

I’m going to share a secret trick with you today to get those dye bleeds out in one try.

Take the offending item and pre-treat the splotches. I prefer to use Oxy-clean spray, but I also like using Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover.

For this post, I used Grandma’s Spot remover gel. 

stain treatment laundry clothing wash pre-treat


Zip close laundry bag
Shout Color Catcher Sheets

After pre-treating the fabric dye bleed spots, put the item in your laundry bag with 2 or 3 Shout color catcher sheets.

Zip the laundry bag closed, and toss it in the wash — run it on a regular cycle with cold water.

Pull it out immediately. Hang to dry. The fabric dye will have been pulled onto the color catcher sheets. Occasionally, the dye bleed is serious enough that you may need to run this cycle again, with fresh color catcher sheets. Typically, however, one wash cycle is enough to pull the color transfer out of the item.

This also works when a printed item was washed and the colors within itself bleed.

This is one of my favorite tricks to use to refresh items, remove color transfer, and fix laundry fabric issues.

Now sit down, drink your coffee or maybe eat some lunch for once, and enjoy your fresh, spotless laundry!

This blog post originally appeared on Xo, Rachel Blog on October 8, 2019. You can read the original post here. It contains affiliate links for 

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