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a database for resellers

The reseller world is full of people in every stage of reselling. Our goal is to bring those people together with advice, tips and ideas on how to improve your reselling game. 

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Amodex Stain Treatment

I’ve tried, and continue to try, many many stain removal products. I actually enjoy testing new ideas in my quest for the best.But it’s been 7 years, and Amodex is still my Go-To-Boo. It’s the favorite tool in my entire arsenal.

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HOW TO: Use a Felting Needle on Wool

What is Felting? Basically, it is the process of turning loose wool locks or wool roving into a piece of fabric by connecting the individual fibers. Today we are talking about how to repair holes in felted or boiled wool with a Felting Needle.

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HOW TO: Unshrink Sweaters and Repair Felted Wool Holes

Reseller advice: How To  Stretch Shrunken Sweaters & Repair Felted Wool.  Fortunately this sweater is a felted wool, and that is one of the most forgiving fabrications. As we’ve covered in previous posts (with sound effects, mind you), this is just a matter of taking your felting wool and going all serial killer stabby on it.

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HOW TO: Repair Holes in Small Gauge Fabric

I’m going to preface this post with, “I hate trying to repair holes in small gauge knit fabrics”.It’s never invisible. Give me split seams, moth holes in boiled/felted wool, chunky sweater knits unraveling... but holes in T-shirt type knit fabrication? Or punctures in finely woven fabrics?

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