What makes Jomar Wholesale different?

When it comes to sourcing wholesale inventory, you have a variety of options, but Jomar Wholesale has the secondhand brands you crave for your reselling business.

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Jomar Stores began over 50 year ago as retail stores in Philadelphia, PA.

Jomar has always grown and changed with market demand, and our wholesale department is no different.

Jomar Wholesale launched online in February 2020, just days before a national pandemic shutdown. We are thrilled to be your go-to source for sustainable inventory for e-commerce, resellers and retail stores.

While many wholesale companies offer overstock and liquidation items, Jomar Wholesale stands out by offering essential and premium secondhand clothes, shoes & accessories for men, women & children. 

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Jomar Wholesale operates out of an 80,000 square foot warehouse in Philadelphia. We are proud to employ local people, many of who have worked with Jomar for decades. 

Our secondhand items arrive by the thousands, as consciously as possible, without any extra fluff or packaging. This is all part of Jomar's effort to reduce textile waste.

Each skid of clothing is searched through by our warehouse staff. Thousands of garments that Americans have discarded are carefully sorted through to find the essential and premium treasures our customers rave about. 

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We Bring The Source To You.

COVID has changed the reselling world for everyone. Inventory is harder to acquire and in order to respect our own safety and that of our fellow citizens, sourcing at thrift stores and outlets is no longer easy. 

Jomar Wholesale brings the source to your doorstep. We have sources across the nation that bring in Overstock, Liquidation, Shelf-pulls, Basic Brands, Big Box Brands and Premium Designer. Our warehouse sorts thousands of garments per day to bring you the best in wholesale clothing inventory.

Thank you for choosing Jomar Wholesale and in turn, helping reduce textile waste.